Advanced Viiculture may be engaged for specific, short-term project work, general, longer-term advisory services, or anything in-between. We strive to be the best, not always the cheapest. Services include (but are not limited to):

Viticultural Advisory Services:
  • Irrigation management: Soil and plant moisture monitoring and advisory
  • Mineral nutrition management
  • Crop and canopy management
  • Maturity assessment and harvest scheduling
  • Vine pruning, training and reconfiguration
Vineyard Projects:
  • Vineyard development consultation: Design and planning from the ground-up
  • Vineyard quality improvement
  • Vineyard productivity improvement
  • Viticultural climate evaluation
  • Vineyard diagnostics and correction
  • Soil remediation
Viticultural Technologies:
  • SIS(TM) Soil mapping and interpretation for new and established vineyards
  • Soil moisture monitoring systems - we can help you save water and improve quality
  • Vine water status monitoring equipment
  • Weather stations
  • Automated irrigation control
  • Aerial imagery
Vineyard Management:
  • Full-service vineyard management or custom operations
  • Vineyard installations
  • Modern, high-density vineyards

Insightful and Innovative Winegrowing
Advanced Viticulture, Inc.