Vineyard Water Conservation
The Ranch Systems site has soil moisture data for the 6 irrigation treatments, along with irrigation control, flow monitoring and weather data. The cooling demo will also be controlled using this system (note that public access does not provide for valve manipulation). To log in, CLICK HERE to go to the Ranch Systems login. Use the following login information to view the demo:
Property ID:   soncounty
User ID: rsdemo
Password:     rsdemo
Then click on the "Log In" button and you will be able to view the data in an instrument dashboard view. To get more details, including soil moisture profiles, click on the map in the center and a real-time map will appear with areas to click for more detailed viewing.

10/15/10 update: Irrigation has been applied in the manner of high volume / low frequency this season. We started with a couple of low-volume irrigations on that treatment only, but this season was delayed tremendously. The -15 bar treatment has had no irrigation yet. We expect that this will be the case for the remainder of the season. Vines look good and fruit is hanging in there.

Click here for the current water status report from Alexander Valley.

We've added Kunde's Wildwood vineyards as a second demonstration site. We will be monitoring soil moisture and plant water status in contrasting soils and varieties. Click here for the current water status report.

Click here for the Irrigation Best Management Practices document. Also, click here for the Shoot Tip Indicators of Early-Season Water Status.

There have been many companies and organzations who contributed to the project. Please take a look at the project contributors by CLICKING HERE!